The European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will be hosted in Amsterdam on 4-5th July 2024. Please contact us to get the detailed agenda.

The summit comprises four sessions…

Session One: Sustainability Update

The opening session covers the wider sustainability issues in the food industry.

> Opening keynote: Power of purpose

> Developing climate-friendly products

> Reducing impacts of dairy products

> Sustainability: the brewer’s perspective

> Panel: Impact communication

> Novel packaging materials

> Agricultural fibres for paper & packaging

> Moving to circularity

> Panel: Closing material loops

Session Three: Marketing Developments

This session covers marketing issues associated with sustainable food & beverages.

> Keynote: Marketing slave-free chocolate

> EU green claims directive implications

> Retailing sustainable & organic foods

> Panel: Green marketing communications

> Building distribution in catering & foodservice

> Consumer trends for sustainable foods

> Encouraging responsible consumption

> Panel: Instigating positive change in consumers

Session Two: Food Ingredients

This session discusses new and emerging sustainable ingredients for food and beverages.

> Deforestation-free supply chains for agricultural materials

> Innovations in palm oil alternatives

> Sustainable proteins from artificial intelligence

> Panel: Sustainability merits of new technologies

> Reviving food ingredients for diversity

> New ingredients from upcycling

> Animal-free ingredients from precision fermentation

> Panel: Sustainable sourcing trends & opportunities

Session Four: Social Value

This session covers the social dimension of sustainability.

> Keynote: Food and societal development

> Social risks in supply chains

> Positive impacts of fairtrade

> Empowering women by wild collection

> Creating social value with superfoods

> Panel: Measuring social impacts of ethical sourcing