The European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will be hosted in Amsterdam on 4-5th July 2024. Please contact us to get the detailed agenda.

The previous edition comprised four sessions…

Session One: Sustainability Developments

The opening session covers the wider sustainability issues in the food industry.

> Redesigning Foods for Circularity

> Regenerative Agriculture Implementation & Scaling

> Agroecology to Restore Food System

> Decarbonisation of Supply Chains

> Green Packaging Materials

> Moving to Circularity Case Study

> Panel Discussion: Evolution of Impact Metrics

Session Three: Nature-Positive Foods

This session covers the move to nature-positive production, highlighting opportunities & challenges.

> Keynote: Sustainable Foods for Biodiversity

> Implications of COP15

> EU Deforestation-Free Regulation

> Setting up Deforestation-Free Supply Chains

> Nature-Positive Farming Success Stories

> Consumer Insights on Biodiversity

> Panel Discussion: Encouraging Nature-Positive Production

Session Two: Food Ingredients

This session discusses new and emerging sustainable ingredients for food and beverages.

> Sourcing From Regenerative Agriculture

> Developments in Upcycled Ingredients

> Ingredients for Plant-Based Foods

> Precision Fermentation Techniques

> Ethical Sourcing of Botanicals

> Partnerships for Raw Materials

> Panel Discussion: Sourcing for Sustainability

Session Four: Marketing Update

This session covers marketing issues with the use of case studies.

> Nature Protection: Retailer Perspectives

> Marketing Sustainable Foods

> Upcycled Beverages: Distribution Case Study

> Impact Communication Best-Practices

> Sustainability Consumer Trends and Insights

> Marketing Claims & Regulations Update

> Panel Discussion: Innovating for Sustainability