The European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will now take place on a customised online platform on 8-11th June 2021. The summit comprises four sessions…

Please contact us to get the detailed summit agenda.

Session One: Sustainability Best-Practices

Agriculture and food production are associated with many sustainability issues facing the planet. From climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity to poverty and third world debt, food systems are directly or indirectly linked to these issues. Some argue that if we can only resolve these issues if we move to a more sustainable food system. By highlighting industry best-practices, this session covers some of the ways the food industry can take positive steps.

With intensive farming responsible coming under scrutiny, the keynote speaker highlights the positive role of sustainable agriculture. Other papers cover circular economy, social risks, carbon-neutral products, and plastic-free products.

Session Three: Ethical Sourcing & Food Diversity

Ethical sourcing is becoming a permanent fixture of the food industry, with a growing number of raw materials being sourced as such. The first part of this session gives an update on ethical sourcing.

The second part discusses approaches to encourage diversity in crop production and consumption. Insights are given from a new study that highlights future foods for diversity. A case study is given of a social enterprise that is bringing an ancient grain into to the European market, whilst approaches to change consumer behaviour will be discussed.

Workshop: Sustainability in Packaging

Packaging has become one of the foremost sustainability issues facing food & beverage firms. Growing consumer opposition to plastics is making brands actively seek for packaging solutions. This new workshop highlights the various ways food & beverage companies can make their packaging more sustainable. Practical guidance and advice will be given to brands on packaging design and the use of green materials.

Session Two: Food Ingredients

A wide range of food ingredients now have sustainability merits; some provide ethical / social value, whilst others have lower environmental / health impacts. This sessions gives details on new and emerging ingredients that are providing such sustainable value to food and beverage products.

The growing use of food byproducts as a raw material source is discussed. Details are given of innovative plant-based proteins that are making their way into food products. Other papers cover regenerative agriculture, hemp ingredients, novel sustainable ingredients, and slave-free supply chains.

Session Four: Marketing Update

As sustainable foods are becoming mainstream, marketing is playing an increasingly influential role. Brands are investing in marketing campaigns to communicate their green credentials, whilst retailers are investing in private label ranges. This session gives an update on the marketing of sustainable foods.

Some of the major trends and developments involving sustainable foods are highlighted. An update is given on the plant-based foods market, a leading retailer shares its experiences with sustainability, followed by consumer insights into the ethical consumer.

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