The 4th Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will take place in Singapore on 11-12th November 2024.

Please contact us to get the summit programme. This is the tentative agenda…

Session One: Sustainability Developments

The opening session covers the wider sustainability issues in the food industry.

> Opening keynote: Building sustainable food systems

> Regenerative agriculture: introduction & opportunities

> Economic value of natural capital

> Environmental, social and governance

> Decarbonisation of food supply chains

> Sustainability in retail

> Panel: Moving to circularity

Session Three: Future Trends

This session covers future trends in sustainable foods.

> Keynote: Impacts of sustainable products

> Potential of cultured foods

> Vertical farming for sustainability

> Creating carbon-neutral drinks

> Novel green packaging solutions

> Closing packaging loops

> Encouraging responsible consumption

> Panel: Innovating for sustainability

Session Two: Ingredient Innovations

This session discusses new and emerging sustainable ingredients for food and beverages.

> Blockchain for ingredient traceability

> Artificial intelligence to develop novel proteins

> Precision fermentation for animal-free ingredients

> Innovations in upcycled ingredients

> Deforestation-free supply chains for agricultural materials

> Sourcing from regenerative agriculture

> Panel: Sustainable sourcing trends & opportunities

Session Four: Marketing Update

This session covers marketing issues associated with sustainable food & beverages.

> Asia in global organic food market

> Plant-based food market update & outlook

> Marketing to the flexitarian consumer

> Retailing sustainable & health foods

> Building distribution in catering & foodservice

> Consumer insights into sustainable & plant-based foods

> Panel: Overcoming marketing hurdles