The 3rd Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will take place in Singapore on 7-8th September 2020.

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Session One: Sustainability Developments

The opening session gives an update on sustainability, placing emphasis on packaging and waste issues. An update is given on the global market for organic food & drink. How important is Asia in the global market, and what is the growth outlook? A leading dairy shares its experiences in tackling its environmental and social impacts.

An update will be given on biopolymers that can be used to make biodegradable and compostable packaging materials. A case study is given of a retailer that is developing zero-waste stores. Insights will be given into the challenges when attempting to move away from packaged goods. Other topics include consumer behaviour, closing packaging loops, and moving towards a circular economy.

Session Three: Sustainable Ingredients

This session gives an update on the growing palette of sustainable ingredients for food and beverage applications. Following on from preceding discussions, details are given of food ingredients that are associated with ethical sourcing. The opening keynote makes the case for sustainable agriculture, linking organic farming to healthy soil. An update is given on sustainable palm oil, including traceability and transparency in its supply chains.

Fair trade is the most second successful eco-label in the food industry. Details are given of fair trade ingredients, and how food companies can use the coveted Fairtrade mark on their products. Other speakers will cover plant-based proteins, novel extraction methods, and case studies of innovative products using sustainable ingredients.

Session Two: Ethical Sourcing & Traceability

After climate change, biodiversity loss is described as the greatest environmental challenge faced by the planet. Each year, over 2,000 species are estimated to become extinct because of loss of habitat or related environmental issues. Food safety & fraud risks are also rising, with about 1 in 10 foods adulterated or mislabelled. This session looks at practical approaches to encourage ethical sourcing and traceability of foods (ingredients).

Topics include biodiversity loss, genetically engineered food labelling schemes, blockchain technology, traceability tools, and success stories of ethical sourcing. To conclude, the panel will debate approaches to raise consumer consumer awareness of the need for sustainable sourcing.

Session Four: Marketing Update

This session covers important marketing developments in Asia. Plant-based foods are taking off as consumers become aware of the health & ecological issues associated with meat and dairy products. An update is given on the plant-based food market in Asia. What developments are on the horizon? A case study is given of novel plant-based meat products.

China has the largest market for organic & sustainable foods market in Asia. Details are given on this prospective market, including market opportunities and pitfalls. A case study is given of a pioneering retailer of sustainable foods in Asia. With consumer apathy often cited as the barrier to higher adoption rates of sustainable products, some insights are given into how consumers be encouraged to make wiser choices for their health and the environment.