The Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will take place in Singapore on 4-5th September 2018.

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Session One: Sustainability Update

The opening session gives an update on sustainability developments in the food industry. What are some of the pressing ecological and social issues facing food and beverage companies? What are common approaches to measure and reduce impacts? How can food and ingredient firms address their water footprints? How can sustainable agriculture and urban farming encourage sustainability? What is the role of metrics on the green journey? Such questions will be addressed in the session.

Topics include eco-labels and market update, sustainable agriculture and food insecurity, urban farming, measuring impacts of food and beverages, water footprints, and a sustainability case study.

Session Three: Marketing Developments

This session covers important marketing developments for sustainable foods. A pioneer shares her experiences in developing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in China; there are now almost 1,000 CSA farms in the country, providing locally grown foods to consumers.

With growing interest in a vegan lifestyle, details are given of a new plant-based ethical retail chain and how it is marketing vegan & vegetarian foods. Case studies are given of a leading retail chain and hotel on how they are marketing sustainable foods. Some fresh research on Asian consumer behaviour towards sustainable products will be presented, followed by a panel discussion on green marketing issues.

Session Two: Advances in Food Ingredients

The food industry is hungry for sustainable ingredients. Some are searching for such ingredients for new product development, whilst others are looking to improve the environmental and / or social credentials of their finished products. This session covers some important developments in this area.

With growing pressure on the food industry to find sustainable alternatives to seafood and meat, a pioneering company makes the case for insect proteins. The use of blockchain technology to strengthen supply chains for ingredients and finished products will be explored. Other papers will cover side stream ingredients, biodiversity impacts, and innovation case studies. To conclude, the panel will debate the future outlook for sustainable ingredients.

Session Four: Sustainability in Packaging

With packaging waste comprising up to a third of household waste, there is growing pressure on food & beverage companies to reduce their packaging impacts. This session looks at the various ways such companies can adopt sustainable packaging solutions.

Topics covered include the environmental impact of packaging waste, measuring packaging footprints, sustainable materials, and eco-design approach. Some case studies are given of companies that have adopted creative solutions to reduce their packaging footprints. To conclude, featured speakers will discuss the barriers to higher adoption rates for green packaging.