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The next editions of the Sustainable Foods Summit will take place in 2018: North American edition in San Francisco on 30-31st January, European edition in Amsterdam on 14-15th June, Asia-Pacific edition in Singapore on 4-5th September, and the Latin American edition in São Paulo in November. Please register to receive regular updates.

The Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit took place in Singapore on 28-29th November 2017. View the summit pics here

The summit comprised four dedicated sessions...

Session One: Sustainability Developments

There is a growing realisation that food & agriculture are linked to many of the environmental and social issues faced by the planet. The opening session gave an update on sustainability, highlighting some of the common ways the food industry is addressing its various impacts.

After a keynote on sustainable agriculture, the role of soil fertility in maintaining sustainable food systems was described. With growing concerns about seafood supply, an update was given on sustainable seafood and adoption rates in Asia. An update was given on the use of sustainable materials for food and beverage packaging. The session concludeded with featured speakers discussing the major obstacles to sustainable development in the food industry.

Session Two: Organic Market Potential

Although Asia houses 60 percent of the world population and has some of its richest consumers, its share of international organic food sales is paltry. This session looked at the potential of the organic food market in Asia, as well as opportunities in export markets.

An update was given on the Chinese market, the largest and fastest growing in Asia. With the use of case studies, the challenges of setting up an organic food enterprise in Asia were highlighted. Some fresh research was presented on the organic consumer, followed by a panel discussion on how to encourage organic food production and consumption in the Asian region.

Session Three: Health Impacts

Asia is undergoing a nutritional transformation whereby many sectors of the population are now suffering from diet-related illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. With sustainability intricately linked to healthy living, this new session looked at the various approaches to improve the health value of food products.

Some of the major trends in health & wellness were outlined, followed by a leading Malaysian retail chain that gave insights into how it is marketing health & organic foods. A pioneering foodservice chain shared its experiences in developing sustainable and healthy options. Other papers covered plant-based proteins in seafood alternatives, and encouraging consumer behaviour change.

Session Four: Ingredients for Sustainability

This session covered important developments in sustainable ingredients. The sustainability issues concerning natural flavourings was described, followed by details of fairtrade ingredients that can be used in food and beverage applications. Other papers covered organic ingredients outlook, and the growing use of natural sweeteners. A case study is given of an international brand of ice-cream on how it is ethically sourcing local and international ingredients. Featured speakers discussed the evolution of sustainable ingredients.


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