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The European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit took place in Amsterdam on 1-2nd June 2017. View the summit pics here

The summit comprised four dedicated sessions...

Session One: Sustainability Update

Although sustainability is en vogue in the food industry, questions remain about the current focus and long-term developments. Most food and beverage firms are preoccupied with reducing their environmental footprints. However, maybe the way forward is to look beyond incremental reductions and create positive impacts? The summit began with an environmental visionary making the case for an overhaul of sustainability thinking.

A pioneering firm shared its experiences in setting up urban farms, whilst the latest life-cycle analysis of food and beverages was presented, followed by a paper on the circular economy. Insights were given into the true costs of food and beverage products, whilst a leading smoothie brand shared its experiences in tackling the sustainability challenge. The session ended with panelists debating the role of sustainability metrics.

Session Two: Food Ingredients for Sustainability

A growing number of food and beverage companies are re-formulating their products for sustainability. Companies are replacing contentious raw materials and / or adding new ingredients that have environmental / social benefits. This session covered such developments, placing emphasis on popular ingredient classes.

With food safety and authenticity a major concern for many operators, details were given on traceability and analytical tools. Other speakers covered natural flavourings, bacteria-based ingredients and emulsifiers. An international ingredients firm shared its experiences with sustainability schemes. What are the challenges when adopting several such schemes, and how much added value does it give to food ingredients? The subject was further explored in the panel discussion: adoption rates of certification schemes are rising, however what actual value is provided?

Session Three: Marketing Best-Practices

This session highlighted marketing best-practices with reference to sustainable foods and beverages. An international retailer gave some insights into the growing complexity of sustainability. How is it prioritising its environmental and social objectives? Another paper looked at the advent of climate-friendly foods, whilst an international food company shared its experiences in adding value to its raw materials. A lawyer gave an update on regulations and labels for sustainable foods, whilst an industry expert highlighted the potential of smart packaging. 

Session Four: Social & Customer Impacts

This session covered developments in social and customer impacts. How can brands enhance the social value of their products? What are the social risks of ingredient supply chains? How is fair trade creating social benefits for growers in developing countries? What are the possibilities for creating such positive value for European growers? Other papers covered consumer insights and approaches to influence customer behaviour.


The summit materials are available for a professional fee. Click here for further details.

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